I offer tarot readings with a loving heart and a sharp mind. I believe in tarot as a tool for personal and spiritual growth. I don’t predict your future, I help you create it. On this site you can find the readings that I offer and my prices. If you’d like to see more of my thoughts about tarot, spirituality, relationships, social justice, and other topics, take a look at my blog. And yes, I am that person who wrote a guide to the minor arcana of the Wooden Tarot!


Polyamory, open relationships, and ethical non-monogamy

Coping emotionally and psychologically with climate change and large-scale disasters

Cultivating and sustaining self-compassion

Career and life-path changes

Regular spiritual and creative practice

Connecting with European ancestry in an anti-supremacist way*

*for North American people of European descent. Proceeds from these readings get donated to anti-racist causes led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. 


As of March 2021, I am offering tarot readings in 60-minute Zoom sessions. Please see my pricing and bartering page for information about my pay rates.