Reading Tarot when You’re Emotional

Very common advice you see in many tarot books and websites is: don’t do readings when you’re upset about an issue, or about an issue in which you’re emotionally involved. And when it comes to doing readings for other people, I think this is absolutely true. A tarot reader should have the responsibility of being an impartial observer.

But I don’t have others to read for right now. I’m not to the closed-book stage of my study yet, so I don’t feel comfortable asking to read for others, even if it’s only for practice or fun. I’m trying out a number of different spread and techniques, and, well, that means that sometimes I just have to break some of these “rules.”

When I’m perplexed by a problem or upset about an issue, sometimes I just pull out my cards, much like I would vent about my problems to a friend. If my friend is a good listener, he or she will just listen and mirror what I’m saying back to me. I think one of the goals of good listening is to listen to the person until they can hear themselves. I think we’ve all had the experience of venting to someone until we realize that we’re being too whiny or we’re boring or we just needed to get it off our chests and are done now. I’ve also had the experience of listening to friends’ problems, and then they suddenly say, “OK, I’m tired of complaining about this, sorry.” Good listening is valuable because it helps us listen to ourselves and begin to understand what we need, where we hurt, and where we’re deluded. Tarot is a very good listener.Continue reading “Reading Tarot when You’re Emotional”