Many Loves: Polyamory

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This reading is for folks who are seeking non-judgmental guidance about an open, non-monogamous, or polyamorous relationship. Are you having troubles in your polyamorous relationship? Do you have a partner who is pressuring you to open up your relationship but you don’t know if you should? Are you curious about polyamory but don’t know if it’s right for you? Do you want to know how to take your polyamorous relationship to the next level of intimacy and trust?

Let me pull some cards for you that will give you clarity and guidance around your question.

There are a lot of myths and cliches about polyamory. Some say that polyamorous people are selfish, irresponsible, sexually promiscuous, and are simply cheaters using a fancy word to justify their actions. These types of judgments are especially harmful when leveled at queer people who are attracted to more than one gender. People often assume that we are cheaters by nature, and it is difficult to free ourselves of internalized judgments.

However, there are also pro-polyamory myths that can be just as harmful—jealousy is a groundless emotion and no one should ever feel it; polyamorous people are more “enlightened” about relationships than monogamous people; human beings are naturally polyamorous; love is infinite and every person should be able to give endless love to others. These myths are often used to pressure people into becoming polyamorous or shame them for not being open enough in their romantic and sexual relationships.

This reading gets past the myths and judgments and will help you understand your feelings and goals regarding your relationship(s.) It is a reading that focuses on you only, not your partner(s) or their partners. (Let me know if you and your partner(s) would like a reading together.) This reading will not judge or pathologize you for being polyamorous, nor will it judge or pathologize you for choosing be monogamous or single. This reading sees all relationships as a means of growth and personal transformation—no matter the outcome.

This is a safe space to bring your feelings, whatever they are—jealousy, shame, anger. Our first step is to bring your feelings into the circle of compassion and listen to what they have to teach us.

I practice polyamory and have kept my relationships alive and thriving in the face of small challenges and large, near-relationship-ending crises. I’ve been in polyamorous relationships that didn’t work and I’ve also been in ones that are healthy and loving, both short-term and long-term. I want to help you get clear on the best ways for YOU to practice (or not practice) polyamory, so that you can grow within your relationships.

Note: not all issues and questions in polyamorous relationships have to do with the polyamorous aspect of it. Polyamorous relationships have plain ol’ relationship issues just like monogamous ones. I encourage you to ask whatever question you have, whether or not it directly relates to polyamory. I will provide you guidance without assuming that polyamory is a “problem” in the relationship.

Between November 19th and December 21st, 2018, I will be offering free readings for feedback or testimonial. Fancy a reading on this topic? Email