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I am not accepting new clients until April 2022. Existing clients, please email me directly to book a reading.

Sliding Scale: How Much Should I Pay?

Full Price | I can afford to pay for this reading without financial sacrifice or hardship, but may have to choose between it and other non-necessities (movies, eating out, hobby supplies, etc.)

Community-Building Tier | I can afford this reading without having to limit spending in other areas of my life. I understand that purchasing a reading at this tier will allow Emily to make an extra discounted reading available.

Tier 2 Discount | Paying for a tarot reading requires sacrifice. I may have to go into debt to pay for this reading or choose to go without a necessity for a short period of time.

Tier 1 Discount | Paying for a tarot reading is a hardship. I have to choose between paying for this reading and paying for necessities like food, rent, medicine, or childcare.

Many thanks to Alexis J. Cunningfolk for their writing and inspiration on sliding scale.