Book a Reading

Ready to book with me? Great! Here’s how it works.

  1. Check out my prices and determine where you fall on the sliding scale. (The topic of your reading does not affect the price. All readings cost the same amount, no matter the topic. )
  2. Send payment to me in one of two ways: Paypal ( or Venmo (@emilyclaretarot.) If you are looking for an in-person reading in downtown Ann Arbor, please type “in-person reading” in the message field when you make your payment. Otherwise, I will assume that you are requesting an email reading.  If you would like to discuss bartering, please email me at 
  3. Within 24 hours, I will send you a form where you can ask your question. If you are paying for an in-person reading, I will also send you a link to my scheduler so we can set up a time to meet.
  4. If you are requesting an emailed reading, I will send you your reading within 10 business days of receiving your form. Usually it will be faster.

Sliding Scale: How Much Should I Pay?

Full Price | I can afford to pay for this reading without financial sacrifice or hardship, but may have to choose between it and other non-necessities (movies, eating out, hobby supplies, etc.)

Community-Building Tier | I can afford this reading without having to limit spending in other areas of my life. I understand that purchasing a reading at this tier will allow Emily to make an extra discounted reading available.

Tier 2 Discount | Paying for a tarot reading requires sacrifice. I may have to go into debt to pay for this reading or choose to go without a necessity for a short period of time.

Tier 1 Discount | Paying for a tarot reading is a hardship. I have to choose between paying for this reading and paying for necessities like food, rent, medicine, or childcare.

Many thanks to Alexis J. Cunningfolk for their writing and inspiration on sliding scale.

Got questions about why my prices are the way they are? See this handy blog post where I discuss the ethos and the numbers behind the prices for my readings!

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