New Name: Dharma Eyes Tarot

So I decided to change the name of this blog to reflect more of where I want to go with it. This blog is definitely still a tarot journal and will document my journey learning tarot, but the more I get into tarot the more I want to integrate it into my Buddhist practice. In the header I have picture the High Priestess, the Eight of Cups, my mala or yeomju (prayer beads) and a little statue of Ji-jang Posal. To me, the two cards signify the spiritual path, or parts of it, at least. The way of the High Priestess is to see our spiritual development as the highest purpose of life. In the eight of cups, we have to discern what the most important thing is, even if it means leaving behind a lot of really good stuff and setting off on our own path. I don’t think of the spiritual journey as happening in isolation. I think it rarely happens without a good community of teachers and fellow practitioners. But we are responsible for our own journey. Nobody can end our suffering for us.

The Dharma Eye is the eye that discerns all phenomena, sees their true nature, their arising, and their passing away. Beings who posses the Dharma Eye can see the causes of suffering–their own and others’. We all have the capacity to develop the Dharma Eye, and I see tarot as being one way to help that development. Tarot connects us with the wisdom we already possess and see things with clarity.

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