Blogging the Alternative Tarot Course

After I picked up tarot cards again in mid-January, I did not let myself spend any money on tarot decks, books, or online materials because I wanted to see whether my interest was passing, or would deepen over time. I gave myself until April 20th, the last day of classes, to decide that question. Or rather, I would only allow myself to vote with my money! Over those three months or so, my interest in tarot only deepened. And so I decided, yes, this is something I want to pursue, something worth my time and money.

In addition to all the tangible stuff I bought, I also decided to take Beth Maiden’s Alternative Tarot Course over at Little Red Tarot. I won’t be blogging every facet or exercise of the course, but you will see a lot of stuff here pop up that relates to it. I’ve already started in, and really highly recommend this course!

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