Blogging the Alternative Tarot Course

After I picked up tarot cards again in mid-January, I did not let myself spend any money on tarot decks, books, or online materials because I wanted to see whether my interest was passing, or would deepen over time. I gave myself until April 20th, the last day of classes, to decide that question. Or rather, I would only allow myself to vote with my money! Over those three months or so, my interest in tarot only deepened. And so I decided, yes, this is something I want to pursue, something worth my time and money.

In addition to all the tangible stuff I bought, I also decided to take Beth Maiden’s Alternative Tarot Course over at Little Red Tarot. I won’t be blogging every facet or exercise of the course, but you will see a lot of stuff here pop up that relates to it. I’ve already started in, and really highly recommend this course!

Published by Emily

I'm an environmentalist looking to make it my full time job. And I've got a Ph.D. in British literature from the University of Michigan. I'm also a birdwatcher, book lover, cat lover, David Bowie lover, poetry lover, vegan food lover...OK. I love a lot of things.

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