The Slow Holler Tarot Deck

OK ok. After giving myself a hard time about backing the Linestrider Tarot deck (which has been fully funded and will probably begin to ship a few weeks ahead of schedule, yay!) I found yet another deck which I couldn’t resist: the Slow Holler deck. This deck is still in the funding process and honestly I’m not sure if they’ll make it to their funding goal, but the deck itself is so beautiful and the place it’s coming from is so close to my heart that I decided to do my part and pledge to buy a deck.

The Slow Holler deck is a project designed to showcase the work of Southern queer artists. Being a queer lady with ties to the south, I love this idea. But I wouldn’t be on board if I didn’t love the art as well. (View a gallery of the completed cards here.) Most of the cards are not yet finished, but from what I can see so far the deck is diverse but very readable. There’s a limited color palette–black, red, and metallic gold–that ties it together across the different artistic styles, and so many of the cards are just friggin’ beautiful interpretations of the traditional cards.

The reason why the funding goal for the project is so high ($55,000) is that they aren’t cutting corners. There are nearly 30 artists working on the deck and they want to pay them all. Think about it–even if they pay the artists only $1,000 each for their contributions (which is actually almost nothing), that will still add up to $30,000.They are also printing the decks in the US, which I’m sure isn’t cheap, either. Although I’m not optimistic about them meeting the goal, I think this is a project worthy of my hard-earned cash. I hope that if it doesn’t get funded this time around they will keep trying.

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